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Another Voter's Blackout 2020

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

2016 Democratic ignored this very question, and they lost!

The headlights are still foggy within the elite party of betrail. For over many decades Afro Amreance people have placed their hope and trust in Democrats Party only to be the marginalized community pointing to nonexistence.

Lessons learned from the first mistake in 2016 ring clear once again. Racism is alive and well. It's stroking fares to many refused to acknowledge. The same thick are repeating themselves once again. The puppet master at its best! A foundation of deceptions and lies continues to set a stage filled with confusion.

Placing county men against each other while political dama entertains the public. where will it lead, who is right or wrong, one to many questions, not enough answers. We warn you in our first Newsletter 2016 election the race card was a win. Too few believe, once again we’re warning you of another victory under TRUMP!

Don’t believe it? Why not? Once again they're playing both sides of the track. Politically that is. For years our focus within the Black Community was change, excepted never given a fair shake. The party elected to deliver was the Democratic Party. We organize communities, campaign on the campaign trail, voted in the booth marched in the streets. Fourth in their wars, built their sports and raised their kids. All this to be shot down in the streets, removed from our homes. Disrespected in front of our wifies and kids. Denied loads for housing, cars, new business, and the list goes on.

To make Matter worst off we’re criminalized and made to pay the price. locked away from family and friends while careers are built on our demise. All made possible with false hope sold by elected officials paid to undermine one's existence while continuing to guide the mass into self Destruction.

All of the above has left the black community vulnerable and broken to the nicked eye! As the puppet master prepares his next performance members of the Democratic Party take prosition to defend. The only problem is how their defending. When TRUMP ran for his new prosition they claimed he was a joke! The American people would never elected this fool!

He is clearly a racists. Forgetting America was founded upon racism, which still exist! furthermore, when clear statements of racism is exposed upon a national state it becomes a bull horn for every ignorance fool to act upon Without facing any consequences for their actions.

When you then support law enforcement abusive behavior, warrantless assignation of civilians with no accountability an outright approval of destruction. The Democratic Party’s only defense is to exposed the obvious with no avail. The African-American community should no longer except a continue acceptance of betrayal.

Today we reevaluate our elected promotions within every community. A registered voter improwed with knowledge on issues affecting their interests, has open many to the real possibilities of reform. Starting with education within a political arena.

Today‘s vote against racism and oppression shall not be withheld nor ignored! Take to the polls and vote your vote removing an oppressive agenda against our existence once and for all. Then remain committed to accountability for political power abused by people of choice for personal gain.

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