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Is Islam a Cure for Humanity?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

When you think of Islam one tends to think of religion. The number one misconception of Islam. Is that it’s a religion. Islam is in and of itself a pathway to Allah (God) to few understand. Today we open dialogue into the subject allowing everyone who is interested in learning about Islam and its purpose to join the discussion.

In the history of humanity only one has given clear understanding as too how a society should function. When we examine the growth of every successful society, you’ll also find within its foundation traces of the existence of Islam. Throughout the history of humanity three religions are most acknowledged Journalism Christianity and Islam. Of the three only one has provide clear understanding to living together within a society of harmony and peace.

There is no question nor situation which you may bring forward that has not been address. Beginning with the revelation to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing upon him). Angel Gabriel deliver the message from Allah (God) to humanity.

Today’s society stands on the break of destruction a failure in the light of Allah, as judgement is executed against all for refusing to follow as Allah has instructed. Stand still and reflect upon the wisdom to often ignored. Learn much of the truth then practice it as a positive example is always necessary in the face of evil. Take your station returning to your individual gates, calling to the worship of Allah. Learn the history of Islam for the survival of our existence.

Stand firm upon that which we have been given for it is a gift so few received, I call too you O Muslim Bergeron for if your weak seek strength in prayer, for if your poor seek assistance in prayer, for if you’re wealthy seek patience in prayer for if we act Allah will provide! Now we’ve entered into the 21 Century holding the key to reform a society loose, drop your worldly gains for a seat in paradise. Donate as much as you can toward justice in anyway possible. Join in to make a change remain vigilant holding those in leadership responsible and accountable to their principles which their committed to follow.

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