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Democracy or Hypocrisy?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Police Reform has passed changing the current existence of law enforcement to nonexistence. Police Officers are resigning all across the United States. As a result of new legislation addressing systemic racism a key point of interest. Since it's passing New York City Police have also appeared to have been neglecting their duties, contributing to an uptick in crime throughout the City.

While Democrats and Republicans continual their debate outside influence fight for narrative of their own individual social agendas. Multiple questions are raised, with too little response. Coronavirus pandemic is the ultimate change pushing so many into action within the 21 centuries. A cloud of uncertainty surrounding the ultimate reality too few have come to terms with, now lead so many into a path of other destruction. A general election has divided a nation uprooted its foundation while questioning its purpose. Democracy or hypocrisy? Join our weekly discussion in zoom as we organize in support of solution to a corrupt system which we the people have the power to change.

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