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Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

Another law enforcement shooting, people of color with no accountability for loss of life. News of the killing took off quit, we just burieding George Floyd. People from all over payed their respect to the gracious giant who sacrificed his life before the world as he was killed. A commend appearance to offend played out in today’s society. If law enforcement is not shooting their choking an innocent person to deaf because their non comply.

( Murder ) something allowed by too many states against people of color. Approved by State law enforce by law enforcement. The issues are clear, what’s not clear is the solution!

I disagree. The 13 amendment supports a lawless approach to crime, and who is allowed or not allowed to commit it. Two systems within one controlling everyone within their boarder.

Another justifiable approach toward corruption Mush be stop! The only difference is by whom and when. Law enforcement must be stop by all necessary means possible. options before the court, are few. ( VOTE ) remove law makers who continue to create one-sided laws and legislation which cater to their interest and benefits.

Create develop voters registration blocks within every community focus on Organizing issues of concern creating political talking points and law bills to address those very same issues. Reclaim your existence by creating your future, be the change you would like see.

This young lady is not the first nor the last! It’s becoming clear, racism never die! The events of the last 10 years have open the eyes of the world to American‘s invisible bully! Their continued attack must stop! Time to organize.

Every ethnic group every nationality has arrived in this country and organize themselves to their own benefit. Their not executed in the street they are not executed in their homes they’re not executed atwork please they’re not distease.. .. w.. .

Their killing off our starts daily, as if we’re their Target practice. UNIFIY around these truths and build our defense!

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