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The Coming of Age

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

A liberal approach toward a real assault against a common enemy created the perfect storm. The arrival of the 21st- Century unchecked!

Social agenda was not approved by people of color now explored. The deaf of George Floyd awoken the pain of many oppressed people all over America and world. The obvious once again questioning reasoning that still holds no clear explanation. Even in the midst of global pandemic law enforcement continental their lawless attacks against harmless civilians. But there was something different about this assault. It was live streamed as it occurred awaking truths experience only in the eyes of the oppressed. The hold world witnesses a modern-day slavery luncheon.

Outrage and confused many took to social media shearing the event while expressing their opinions of what they just witness. Many Americans have been locked away in their homes under volunteer quarantine for the last two or three weeks. Many on their computers for endless hours simple searching the net for entertainment or information on COVET-19.

Uncertainty began to creep into the thoughts of thousands as local and State officials begin to release COVIT-19 press release which soon became a daily thing. Conspiracy would soon follow, threat of government enforcing mahal law. To add onto it all another killing of an unarmed African American for only $20 dollars appears a tipping point to no return.

Mass Protest against Police

The stage was set, and the players were prepared to engage. Members of the community took to the streets expressing their disapproval with law enforcement. A peaceful protest would become everything but peaceful. Unknown agitators would enter into the crowd instigating harmless individuals to engage in violence. A pushing match with law enforcement ended in multiple arrest fueled with unnecessary brutal force. Only exciting an environment of clear destruction upon personal property. City and State. ( #BLM #Defundthepolice #Removepoliceunion ) Many protest popped up daily for weeks confusing law enforcement. Elected officials stood in support of protestors right to peacefully protest. #ojopinion for the latest public reviews.

Members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community

Are Black Lives Matter Organizers

So, what's the problem? They deceived the general public while standing on a platform of inequality in defense of police brutality for their personal LGBT cause. Their deceitful efforts have confused many in the community. Posing as concern members of an otherwise suffering community of color when all along their fighting for a social agenda not shared among their ethnic peers.

Exposing two faces

The need for acceptance has led an otherwise respected community into a negative light. Attempting to undermine life struggles of people of color to a level of betrayal. Not to be confused there need to follow their desires have also left countless members of the community questing their own sexually destroying family vaults braking stabilize understanding between a male and female as if there are no consequences for their actions. Weak individuals approve of this unnatural behavior. The undermining of our school systems along with elected officials approved of this ungodly behavior, which has now been weaponized against African Americans. The displacing of millions due to gentrification is only another piece of the pazal. The fact that so many attacks have been placed on a community of color through tactics like these should awaken their conscious to defend on a level most effected toward their existence. How best to achieve this objective, is the question so few have an answer for. Decades of corruption in support of lie’s and let downs have killed any desire to work or move together for fare of betrayal.

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