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The Second Amendment Rights Frontline Review

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

The fourth of July 2020 released an awaking long overdue. The Forming of a Black Militia developed to address the lack of justice within an African American community has open the eyes of the world. A continuing attack against life and liberty, within the color community only outline a determination to corrupt all systems of justice in favor of oppression. Years of struggle in the face of lies destroyed millions of lives. In the 60’s the Black Panther Party made notice of Police Brutality and self-defense. Their alternant decision to practice their second amendment rights became a constitutional nightmare.

Members were killed arrested accused of crimes they never committed. upon orders of the president under pro and tell program. Law enforcement created false claims, planned evidence, Colthurst testimony, years later admitting foul play on part of government. 50 years later law enforcement practices remain the same. Innocent unarmed civilians are executed daily while simply living their lives.

The only problem was it just keep happening to unarmed African Americans. Every time an investigation is conducted by the judicial system community outcry offend leading to protest, overtime payment, and media coverage. Is it possible at this point to say the killing of an unarmed African American is profitable? Community involvement is needed, and community policing is recommended. Only question at this present time is how best implement Community policing within the community beneficial amount a developing group of individual communities focusing on safety. Criminals don’t care who is holding them accountable for crime. Its you against them. Therefore, solution is quite clear gun ownership holding onto forced hope no longer applies. Community is instructed to pool itself up by their bootstraps unify, reconstructed skill setting. Report for training within immediate community providing the profession skills necessary.

Gun advocacy is a well-known reality misplaces by fear. Just as well as our youth study for a drivers’ licenses to be self-sufficient in their own travel the knowledge and understanding of guns and gun permits and how to handle a firearm should also be a factor within their development and growth.

The opportunity to be afforded training in the profession of firearms should also remain the requirement in development and growth in the inner cities as well as the suburbs. The practice of the Second Amendment should no long be denied too African-Americans or people of color.

Gun laws need to be quickly reviewed and address allowing access to all American citizens as required by the Constitution of United States of America. While it has become clear that the state has undermine any attempt of many African-Americans to acquire legal ownership compliments due to systematic racism, The State of New York should also be willing and able to address immediate concerns of all those seeking said licenses.

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