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Understanding The Need to Secure The House of Allah

Seruirty takes on special meaning. Accountability, breeds responsibility the most important element found within a foundations build upon a successful accomplishment.

To remain accountable for one’s actions is a clear indication of once character. A key element which is developed over time. The child dose not talk before speech nor the teenager rebel before influence. When many arrive for training their holding native influence toward life. For many that is personal. Therefore, we must except everyone as a new bron child, unaware of life consequences for their actions. Understanding what when how and where is skills many have yet to comprehend. TURTH to their hidden habits which they themselves fail to understand.
Their failure to acknowledge and except mistakes cause at their hands slowly lead to a path of destruction unknowingly or knowing. A choice becomes clear as episodes unfold exposing good or bad. As men decisions are made and accountability rings clear. Our purpose is to show the students the difference between the two paths of like, while sharpening their skills within Secuirty.
A necessity necessary to carry out the duties in safely most beneficial to worshipping their Lord. We cannot ignore our duty to serve, nor assume service without willing participants will protect us all. Inshallah we must raise by the well of Allah to the defense of our deed!
Many are willing to be a part of security however, not ingrained. It is noticeable their to offend inactive despite a need to be involved. In light of this concern we will be eliminating all non-participants moving forward. This is not a come as you will approach to securing the House of ALLAH!
We’re pushing the cause of Allah toward improvement of ourselves and those we love starting with the practice of Islam. It starts here, may Allah except our effects and strengthen our cause. AMEEM..


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